My EHS Story

Want to tell you my EHS-Story.
It is 10 years old.
I am now 58, my name is Noa and I am a socialworker, I am devorced with 2 daughters, 31 and 36 years old, they live in German.
I live in Israel over the last 7 years.
But still in Germany, I know exactly the year, it was 2006 and I was 48 years old, I realized that I suffer from EHS, in these times there was no name for it. I didnot know, that other people suffer, too.
One day I was sitting with my laptop in my flat, searching s.th. in the internet, of course it was a wifi connection, it was so practice, you did not have to have cords, cables, wonderful!! I had also a cellphone, which I loves very much, it was not a smartphone, I think the smartphones came out much later.
I was sitting and talking on the phone (the cellphone ) with my friend Sally.
And suddenly - wow, I never have headaches, but there it was, a headache, which I never knew, did not think about the reason, but told Sally, that I have headache. We went on talking, I looked in the internet and found some things. And then a few minutes later - the pain went to the throut and to the neck, on both sides, like something was pressing his hands on both sides. Not very nice. Little bit frightening.
I told Sally, that it became worse, but of course I kept on talking to her. There was no reason to close the telefon.
And then - some minutes later the pain went to my brest, oh... wow, it is near the heart, this was frightening, and then there was a sudden nausea, wow maybe I have to vomit.
Told Sally "bye I am not o.k. going to the bathroom"
Went to the bathroom and - slowly slowly all the symptoms were gone, no nausea, no pain.
Nice, I went back to the telefon and my laptop and told Sally that I am o.k. again. Wonderful.
But - the pain came back, the nausea, too. Closed the telefon quickly again and went to the bathroom.
Again the pain and all the symptoms dissapeared.
Wow I thought about, whether there was a connection to my activity, but how can this be? Telefone and Internet? Funny. Cannot be.
Anyhow, I didnot go on talking to her, because was not possible, I tried it several times, but no chance.
I asked a friend how was an expert of any mechanical and electronical things "could there be a connection?"
"I do not think so," he said, "but try to buy a wired telefon again, and make a wired internet connection and you will see what happens. Maybe you are a very very sensitive person, everything is possible.
I did what he said, and - no pain anymore, no nausea, no pressure on my body, on my heart.
I forgot about this adventure and one year later I was in Israel for holiday, going to a region with not much signal, when a friend of mine, Jakob was ringing. It was an old cellphone, a Nokia, the black one, you could sms and talk.
After a few minutes already I felt the same symptoms a one year ago, and was very dizzy. I told him, I cannot go on talking, it is too strange and too painful.
What was happening to me?
I did not talk very much on the phone, because of these symptoms, And half a year later I felt these pain and headache in a building with a celltower on the roof. But it was more, I felt, that I was looking for words, I didnot find the words, stopped thinking, there was NOTHING in my brain. Frightening.
Because it was together with the symptoms I already knew, I made a connection but did not know why, because I did not talk with my cellphone.
but when I went out of the building I saw the big celltower.
After this event I made some attempts, going in, staying there, going out, waiting.
It was like switching the light on and off. but it took some time, maybe little bit more than half an hour.
And when I left the building, it took me more than one hour to get clear.
So, when I was looking for an apt. or a job, I was always looking, if there was any celltower on the roof.
Many jobs I cancelled because of this reason. Many GOOD jobs.
I came to Israel 2009 and also here it was the same, could not work or live in a building with a celltower.
this was a big limitation. But I got a job in a hospital 2010 - a part time job, on the roof of Hadassa hospital Mount Skopus in Jerusalem was a celltower.
But I had to work only 25 % so every day littel bit more than 2 hours. But I felt it. My brain was not so clear, as it was out of the building.
I could drive bus, talk and surf with my new smartphone which I bought in 2011, forgot my symptoms and thought, they had dissapeared. Never heard of somebody who has EHS, never heard about EHS, people asked me "wow! So you are the only one who feels a celltower. this is strange."
Very strange.
I went one year back to Germany, and got back to Jerusalem in 2012, found a job in a privat agency, had to make housevisits by old people who get hours from socialservices.
Now there where already celltowers on EVERY hospital, EVERY elderly home, and nearly every social service, all the good places where a socialworker can work and get a little bit more money than in privat companies, but I had no choice.
Everything went on like "normal", I talk a lot with my smartphone, surfed everywhere, in the bus, in the car, in the elevator, did not see any reason to stop this. Even I heard, that talking in the elevator is not good, because it is high radiation. But I did not feel it. So I didnot care.
Until last year, september 2015 when I got another job, with much more money, also in a privat company, the same work.
But - with MUCH more work with a Smartphone which I got from the boss. (so now I had 2 Smartphones, a private one and one from work) I lived in Raanana, left Jerusalem, and the story get worse soon.
I saw, that on the roof of the office was NO Celltower, but there where some opposite to the office, on a mall. Did not think about this.
I had to take care on every task only with my smartphone and we all where in a whats app group, so when I did not take notice one or two hours, i had already more than 100 new whats apps on my phone. Uffff.. and dont forget the mails. Many many mails, which I had also pay attention with my smartphone. And the phone calls, which come in when I was sitting in my car, when I was on my way, when I wanted to go home, there was no hour left, when I was "free" of this. Only the Shabbat, religious people keep Shabbat, this means they do not answer to phones or surf in the internet, nore watching TV and Radio. So was I. I was religious.
In my job this was ok because in Israel more people are religioes. and the Shabbat is a day off like sundays abroad.
In my aptm, in Raanan I did not feel good, I could not sleep, woke up on 4 o clock with tachycardia, my heart run. (have to say, that in 2010 I went through a heart surgery on open heart, aortic valve replacement and because of complicatioins I got a pacemaker)
So, I was putting my bed from one side to another, asking myself if there was any connection to the place it stood. Because some symptoms where like the ones I knew already.
Everywhere I felt the same.
In my work place, I began to forget a lot, really a LOT of things, was sitting with my collegue and after some minutes I did not know about what we talked. THIS WAS FRIGHTENING and I thought I began to get Alzheimer.
But - when I went out, I could remember, it was only VERY severe, when sitting in the office. The two girls kept on writing whats app the whole day, my boss also. I was sitting in a corner, where outside one electricity pylon was standing, in this corner I could not sit. my brain was dizzy, very dizzy, I went two meters in the room, and then it was better.
I told my collegues, and the where laughing. What is the connection??? sounds strange.
In one office in Herzliya, nearby, was our team meeting. was a building of the city administration, (Hadar Street No. 2, I think it was, ) on the building a gib celltower, and in the building also the ministery of interior. Poor workers!!
I felt dizzy every meeting, like I was drunken. My college, who was sitting there the whole week, said, that she also "did not like" the celltower.
She was afraid, but had no symptoms.
Suddenly, from one day to another I felt my smartphone when I hold it in my hand and wrote sms, or whats app or whatever. I had many apps, even a RED ALERT app (when they are sending rockets from Gaza to Israel you can see, where is red alert, and where do you have to hide, but this was really not necessary, because you hear the sirene, only people who love MORE Apps load it. I was one of them. I wanted to be updated EVERY minute. Had an walla app, a ynet app, an app of German news, a red alert app, an app from Radio Jerusalem or Radio Tel Aviv and so on.
(I must laugh, when they tell my now, "maybe you only hated the technology" . I ask you, this sounds like I was hating my cellphone? I wrote whats app even in the desert, sending pictures to my daughters, until they said "Mum, enjoy your day, and do not send pictures from every corner of Israel."
Some weeks later I could not hold the smartphone without pain, pain in my head, strong pain. every whats app which I send and was sending to me, I felt like a strong pain..
I felt the smartphone of my boss, who was sending whats app when we where together in the elevator., Was so dizzy.
So I stopped to be with her there, I went the stairs, I was sure there was a connection.
My situation became worse and worse, but I had to go on with my work.
I told the boss, I will leave and go back to Jerusalem. Maybe everything was "too much" for me. I hoped, that everything will be better, back in Jerusalem, in anothe job, with less activity on the cellphone.
Came back to Jerusalem, began a new job, again in a privat company, again on the first day I got a smartphone. Wow, it became worse every single week, every day.
I went on working 1 months, and then I got in connection with Dr. Shalita, who knows about the symptoms of EHS, I wrote an email, told him my symptoms, and asked what to do?
He told me he is in pension but my symptoms are 100% EHS. Wow.
He send me to a man, who sells grounding devices, like sheats for pillows. and blankets, you had to put the cable in the socket, the hole for the grounding.
I thought it would help, my hope was very high. I wanted to live again! Like everybody. And not suffer.
People laughed at me, when I told them, what is happening to me. "you are crazy" or "maybe you have a big psychological problem".
Again I wrote to Dr. Shalita, now he told me, to come in contact with a young man, Amir, who left his work in high tech because of this problem. So, there is someone else, who has the same problem??? I thought. Wow. I am not alone.
This was the best day, when I came in contact with Amir. But he was not very mild with me. I was looking for a quickly solution, maybe a smartphone with less radiation, or shielding jackets, something that allows me to work!!!
He said: NO way. You have to 1. Learn about radiation, 2. measure with a meter 3. avoid radiation where ever you can. 4. when there is no choice, you have to buy shielding clothes.
I was not easy, told him, maybe he want to only sell s.th. but he even did not want to sell me shielding clothes, before I have learned enough, the meter was not so expensive as shielding clothes.
Amir had created a group in fb, I came in contact with more EHS Sufferers, wow, are there more than 2 who suffer from this very rare symptom?
I turned out, that MANY people suffer, many of them do not make the connection to their cellphone, many others do not want people around them to know about this "strange and rare phenomenon" which nobody knows about.
There are VERY few doctors, who know EHS, VERY few who take you seriously. My very kind and nice doctor, I loved her, was telling me, "maybe you do want a "light medicine for panik attacks". ooookaaay.. I was sad, and it hurts me, that she said s.th. like this, but this was the last time I saw her.
Amir and the people of the support group helped me more than any doctor, told me, what THEY do, when they are exposed to radiation, teached me very important things about radiation, about the HF high frequency and the LF low frequency and how to measure it. How to learn to live with these symptoms, how to learn to assess the pain, how to learn about the own body, how long can he stay in a special situation, with radiation like this or another, higher or lower. how to minimize the use of cellphone and wifi and wireless Telephone at home (which is much more than a celltower, you will not believe!!) how to handle with cellphone, when the job aks for it. how to get rid of at home.
The symptoms went on, stronger, the pain was there, when I jumped to the bus, only 3 stations and I had to go out of the bus, dizzy. The company only paid for the bus, not for fuel. But I could not make my visits by bus. So I began to invest a lot of money, only to sit in my car, without all these cellphones.
At home I "threw away the DECT Phone, and the wifi, got a wired internetconnection, which does not hurt and there is no radiation from it, I went out of all whats app groups, told the people around me, not to send me messages, and please not to call me on the cellphone, only on the landline.
Was hard, because with the girls I only could be in contact now with mail. But they love whats app. So... no chance. I am now "not cool" I will no more use whats app.
Amit told me, how to close some things on the smartphone, to get much lower radiation.
close the internetconnection most of the day.
close the bluetooth button.
close the wifi button.
and use a headphone with air, when you really have to use your cellphone.
do NOT open the cellphone in your car. there is high radiation, when a call comes in!
do NOT open it, in the elevator, also very high radiation which somes back to EVERYONE in the elevator, if not thinking about you, but think about the children!!
do NOT open it in the bus, even if EVERYONE does it, it will hurt you ,it is all like a faraday cage.
One day, the price was high, I lost my job. it was becoming bader and bader with me, I was only a part of a human being, I ask the boss if I could ask the workers to close their phones, during the meeting, we where sitting in a VERY small room with about 10 workers with their phones. I was NOT allowed. So I made a big mistake and told them "so I maybe have to leave, because I suffer from very high pain" I was dizzy and in panic. So, they asked me "so we should look for a new social worker?" and I said "yes"
Later, when I was at home I regret, because I need my work, I wanted to stay, but could not.
So, without work and soon without aptm, there was only one rabbi, who "saved" me, let me live in one house he didnot use. in a big privat house with 8 rooms, there where only ONE single room without radiation and this was like a wonder for me. the other rooms had a wide view, to all the celltowers in the neighbourhood.
this was the first time since months, I felt VERY low radiation. one window I had to shield with Aluminium, but the rest was o.k. in this room. when I went into the bathroom or the kitchen, the radiation was higher, I avoided going there very often. Stayed in my room, and tried to reorganize, to get better, Began to make yoga every day, to meditate My whole body was like "burned", like half a perso, very weak and tired.
After one month I found a job again, got the permission, to open the cellphone only once in a few hours.
I found an aptm with nearly NO radiation, with a landlord who does not want wifi. it is a privat house, where only he and his wife live, above me. I have the "cellar-aptm", but it is nice, with a small yard in front of.
I slowly slowly got better, not when I am exposed to radiation, but the rest of the time at home I feel good. I made a lot of Qi Gong in the last months, every day, and several times a day. I cannot go out to work without a very strong programm, it takes me more than an hour preparation. 1. the Five Tibetan Exercise 2. breathing exercise 3. Meditation 4 Qi Gong pratice for stresstimes, and some akupressure points.
When at work, I go into a park with low radiation, and make again exercises in my break.
I do not know, how the future will be, I have to go on working some 7 or 8 years, until I will get a very low pension.
But, how can I go on in this worl full of celltowers, wifi and more and more stronger and stronger Smartphones, which hurt me and make me dizzy?
The plans for more and more wireless devices are there, and soon they will us wifi from space, from the earth from every place of the world.
What I went through in the last 10 months, when it got worse, I cannot describe, never ever I heard so much ridicule, never ever I saw so much people who do not believe what I am saying and feeling.
Often they say "but there is wifi all over. You have to get used to it. you have no chance."
So, why did I begin not to get used to it?
I liked the technology.
But maybe I liked it too much.
I asked myself several times, "why?" or more "why this?" any other illness is taken seriously from every other person, including the boss.
My future?
Let me first tell you about my present.
I go to work every day, but it is hard, I am suffering from pain, pain in my head, pain in the stomach, pain in the musles, (thats why I have to make exercises every day to be in the best condition which is possible), pain in my eyes, in my office I hardly can see, (very high radiation there from many many celltowers around, and many smartphones from workers and clients) on my visits to old people I suffer also, because also old people have smartphones, wifi for the foreign worker, a DECT is in EVERY household and so on.
I fell pressure on my breast, heart palpitations, tachycardia, dizzyness, nausea, cognitive failures. pain in many joints and a very very loud Tinnitus which surrounds me every day and every night, also at home, since the situation got worse.
There is only one doctor who knows these symptomes and connects it to cellphone radiation, but he takes a lot of money, to see him, he is already in pension, the second one is helping with the "war against wifi at school" but is also very busy. my current doctor also knows EHS. thanks G-d.
I go to work and back to my home, to rest.
I do not go to cafe, to cinema, or to theater, to an event with many people, because a crowd of people menas also MANY MANY SMARTPHONES. high radiation. and every place where an event can take place is with wifi.
if I have to go to hospital, to check my pacemaker, it takes me days after it, to rest and get rid of the symptoms (in every hospital is wifi and there are many wireless devices, most of the hospitals have a celltower on the roof), have to go into the elevator to the 10th floor, but do it by feet, because also every doctor uses his cellphone and many many other people too.
When I have to visit the doctor, in Israel the "normal doctors" are sitting in the health insurance, every doctor in one room, the whole building of EVERY health insurance is with wifi AND Celltowers on the roof. to get to the doctor means, to come out more ill than I got in.
I am looking for a job without radiation, but there isnot. there is not a SINGLE place in this country without radiation.
You can find a place by chance., between some buildings or in a lonely park with trees, and you will be very glad.
But a working place without radiation? where I could survive and work in a normal way without pain?
there is no.
And if I should EVER loose my job again, I have to sleep on the street, cannot buy bread.
Because our government does not recogneize the desease. There will not be any penny for disability to work.
But we, all the EHS sufferers are disabled people.
So, me, and all the others, who - like me - think every few weeks about suicide will have to go on with pain, every day, every hour, every minute, that we work.
But the worst thing of all, that nobody sees our pain, nobody believes and many are laughing.
This makes the pain much more difficult.
I am fighting. I am trying not to think about the future, not to ask myself, where will I be in one year? in two?
I try to see only this single day, only the minute I live in. how I feel right NOW?
Amir says "you are feeling good in this special minute? So celebrate this minute!!"
And he is right.
So now, that I know, that there are so many EHS sufferers all over the world, because there are international groups, I see, that I am not alone. Everybody with EHS is a single wonder, a human being with the ability to survive in a very very toxic environment.
Every EHS sufferer is going through the same diffifult situations, is going to the same "ignorance" of the people surrounding them. (there are very few, who understand and help and see, what happens, but also them, they are not seing, that this could also happen to them. It is only we, who are strange. In everybodies eyes. Only who feels suddenly the pain, and also sees the connection, will really understand
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